Sunday, January 22, 2017

Always Hope

So much has happened recently, in my small part of the world and in the greater world we all share. Regardless of which corner of the world you inhabit, or what political views you may hold, there is one thing all human beings cling to – hope. There is always hope, even when we can’t see it. There have been many times that I’ve felt hopeless. Today I wrote a short, simple poem to remind myself that even during the longest night, there is always the promise of a brand new day.

Day surrenders to the night
Sun succumbs to dim moonlight
Color fades to shady gray
It seems all hope has flown away
When evil pushes good aside
Fearful souls will run and hide
Very few will stand their ground
When only shadows can be found
But some find comfort in the dark
Where faith emits the faintest spark
Creating slender strands of light
That guide us through the longest night
Midnight’s not the end of day
It’s a new path that leads the way
To morning’s gift of a fresh start
Hope shines bright within my heart
Much love to you all. May hope guide you in the week ahead.

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