Sunday, April 3, 2016

NaPoWriMo Day Three

Today, I've attempted to write my very first Quatern. (You can read more about Quaterns here.) I'm not entirely satisfied with my attempt, but since this month is all about experimentation and enjoyment of poetry, I consider this a success because I tried something new. I will definitely experiment with this format in the future.

“Sunset And The Beach” by jk1991 via Free Digital Photos

You Never Look Me in the Eye
(A Quatern)

You never look me in the eye
You’re hiding secrets in your heart
I wait for you to say goodbye
It’s inevitable we’ll part

Perhaps you think I don’t notice
You never look me in the eye
Perhaps you do not realize
How many times I’ve wished to die

I’ve overlooked so many things
But I can’t forever ignore
You never look me in the eye
Or spend time with me anymore

This is farewell for you and me
I’ll try my hardest not to cry
But if I do, I doubt you’ll see
You never look me in the eye

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  1. A tricky exercise. Even harder than Iambic pentameter. Well done.

  2. Very hard form. I think I only tried it once. Nicely done #LoveandInk

  3. Thanks, Roger. I struggled with it. Not too thrilled with the way it turned out, but I tried.