Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Do You Believe in You?

Do I believe in myself? Do I believe in my writing? These are questions I’ve been contemplating for a while. I’ve made a few investments in my dreams, but most of the risks I’ve taken have been carefully calculated. I’ve weighed every expenditure and for the most part, I’ve hardly spent any money on my books that I’m not fairly certain I can recoup.
Maybe I’ve been working in accounting for so long, I can’t stop viewing my writing career from a strictly businesslike standpoint. Or maybe I just don’t believe in myself enough. To be honest, I think it’s a little of both.
For example, I know authors who spend thousands of dollars on each book before it’s ever published. Some expenditures are unavoidable, such as editors and book covers. But some authors go the extra mile, hiring publicists and personal assistants to handle their marketing and social media needs. They invest in bookmarks, postcards, and a variety of bling. They plan online launch parties and give away $50 gift cards and swag-packs as an incentive for readers to spread the word about their new book. And after publication, they continue to spend on blog tours and advertisements.
Before anyone blasts me in the comment section, I’m not judging the authors who do this. If I could afford it, I might do the same. I wonder if some of these authors can truly afford their expenditures, though. I wonder if they have the extra money, or if they just have something I don’t have – confidence. Maybe some of these authors believe in themselves so much that they are willing to take a risk and give their book an extra boost. Maybe my problem is that I’ve put my books into the “hobby” category. I’m willing to invest the time, but not the money.
How many of you are willing to invest in your dream? Whether you’re an author or not, everyone has a passion. How many of you are willing to make that passion a top priority?
Authors: Do you hire publicists and tour hosts? How do you determine your marketing and promotional budget? In your opinion, how much is too much?

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