Don't Hit that Button

I’ve been working on a blog post off and on for hours. Not this one, but a different one. A really rambling, ranting one that seemed like a good idea when I started it, but turned out not to be such a great idea after all. Actually, the concept behind the blog post isn’t such a bad idea – it’s my delivery that needs some work. I’ll probably rewrite my post later when my mind is more settled.
As a blogger, I feel pressured to blog more than once a week. After multiple reblogs, I feel like I should post something original. Which led to the aforementioned rambling post I almost published.
Thank goodness I didn’t.
Rambling rants are never a good idea, even if they might seem to be at the time. It’s great to be fired up and passionate about a topic. Sometimes that passion leads to a great blog post. Sometimes it leads to something that’s argumentative. Other times (like in the case of my rambling post), it leads to something that is disjointed, nonsensical, and borderline snotty.
I’ve seen authors almost ruin their careers over a blog post. I can think of at least two authors who ended up shutting down their entire blog and pulling their books off Amazon all because of a blog post that probably seemed like a good idea when they posted it, but ended up being a complete disaster.
If you’re feeling fired up, it might be a good idea to cool down before you hit that “publish” button. Sarcastic or ranting posts don’t always come across the way we intend. A bad post can alienate readers. It can destroy our online presence.
So, before you hit the publish button, re-read your post. Set it aside for a day or two. Do you still want to post it? Does it need a little tweaking? Does your online attitude need a slight adjustment before you share that post with the world?
Blog carefully, everyone. And have a great week!


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