Sunday, December 7, 2014

Readers Matter

We’re all busy, especially this time of the year. It seems we barely have enough time to pick up a book for a few minutes before we go to sleep each night, much less time to write a review once we’ve finished reading. Unless you’re an avid reader who is dedicated to keeping track of every book you’ve ever read, you probably don’t bother with reviews. Books gets hundreds of reviews, so yours doesn’t really matter, right?


Your review is essential. Unless an author is a famous best-seller, chances are their books could use a little love. A little attention. And YOUR review.

There are so many reasons why reviews are important. Reviews help other readers decide whether or not to purchase a book. They let an author know if they are resonating with readers, and what they’re doing right – or wrong. Reviews help a book get noticed. And they can give an author that necessary boost to keep them writing, or to remind them why they started writing in the first place.

Contrary to popular opinion, most authors aren’t rich. Most don’t make a living writing books. Most work day jobs and write at night. Some authors barely make any money at all. We write because we love it. On napkins. On scraps of paper during our breaks or lunch hours. During the quiet moments long after the rest of our family has gone to bed, after we’ve worked a full day, made dinner, and cleaned the house. We scrape together little snippets of time, feeling guilty all the while that we aren’t doing something more productive, like mopping the kitchen floor or folding that last load of towels.

Why do we do it if there is little or no monetary reward? Because we simply can’t imagine NOT writing. Though most of us hold out hope that one day we’ll be the next J.K. Rowling, we’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that writing isn’t going to rake in the big bucks. Writing might not be lucrative, but there are other rewards. A thoughtful review is one of them.

A good review can make an author’s whole day. We live for a few words of praise scattered here and there. We love to hear from readers, whether it’s a message on Facebook or a comment on our blogs. Most authors have websites with a Contact Me form or an email address, and we absolutely love it when readers connect with us.

If you loved a book, leave a review. Tell a friend. Spread the word. Authors are so appreciative of every reader. YOU make it worth our while to do what we love – write!

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