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Wayne Zurl: Writing What You Know

It is my pleasure to introduce author, Wayne Zurl, who has graciously accepted my invitation to appear on my blog as a special guest.

Wayne Zurl is the author of many books, including the recently released A LEPRECHAUN'S LAMENT. His popular series features brilliant police officer, Sam Jenkins, and is available on both Amazon and on Barnes and Noble. Mr. Zurl has been featured on numerous blog posts and interviews, and it is truly an honor to have him on my blog today.

Please join me in welcoming Wayne Zurl. Any comments or questions are appreciated!

WRITING WHAT YOU KNOW and Getting Inspiration From the World Around You

By Wayne Zurl
Picture a half-dozen old cops sitting around a table. The waitress just removed the dishes, but each man still holds a drink.

The former ranking man of the group takes a sip of single-malt scotch. “We laughed when it was over,” he says, “but for a few minutes, we were all sweating.”

“I remember,” another retired detective says. “Came close to soiling my kni…