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10,000 Word Weekend...Remix

It’s another 10,000 word weekend!!!
Scratch that. We’ll make it 12,000. What better way to ring in the New Year than with a great burst of productivity? And what better way to catapult my current work in progress past the halfway mark?
While New Year’s partiers are consuming vast amounts of alcohol, I plan to fortify myself with a pot of coffee (or several) for the long weekend ahead. Some might pity my sobriety and lack of revelry, but I’m super excited about the upcoming weekend. It doesn’t feel like work at all, and I don’t feel the least bit pressured by the goal I’ve set for myself. This is a gift to myself: I’m making time to do something I love to do, something for me and me alone. The 12,000 word goal is a commitment. It’s a declaration of intent to put my writing first, if only for the weekend.
Happy New Year everyone!

A Lack of Words

These past few weeks, I've suffered from a lack of words. Not of the verbal variety, but of the written. My family members and co-workers can attest to the fact that my verbal skills are still very much alive. Sadly, all those lovely (or not so lovely) words which so effortlessly spew from my mouth all day long decide to hide from me the moment I open up my laptop.

Procrastination. This word has become the embodiment of my Wordless December. I've fallen into a pattern of staring at my Microsoft Word document for several minutes before deciding I must check my email. All three of my email accounts. Then I check Facebook,, and twitter. Then I read the various blogs I subscribe to. After bouncing from site to site, I skip back to my Word doc. Sadly, the book has not progressed while I've been elsewhere. The words still escape me, so it's back to checking my email once again.

Writer's block has become the bane of my existence. So, here's the question: C…