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10,000 Word Weekend...Remix

It’s another 10,000 word weekend!!!
Scratch that. We’ll make it 12,000. What better way to ring in the New Year than with a great burst of productivity? And what better way to catapult my current work in progress past the halfway mark?
While New Year’s partiers are consuming vast amounts of alcohol, I plan to fortify myself with a pot of coffee (or several) for the long weekend ahead. Some might pity my sobriety and lack of revelry, but I’m super excited about the upcoming weekend. It doesn’t feel like work at all, and I don’t feel the least bit pressured by the goal I’ve set for myself. This is a gift to myself: I’m making time to do something I love to do, something for me and me alone. The 12,000 word goal is a commitment. It’s a declaration of intent to put my writing first, if only for the weekend.
Happy New Year everyone!

A Lack of Words

These past few weeks, I've suffered from a lack of words. Not of the verbal variety, but of the written. My family members and co-workers can attest to the fact that my verbal skills are still very much alive. Sadly, all those lovely (or not so lovely) words which so effortlessly spew from my mouth all day long decide to hide from me the moment I open up my laptop.

Procrastination. This word has become the embodiment of my Wordless December. I've fallen into a pattern of staring at my Microsoft Word document for several minutes before deciding I must check my email. All three of my email accounts. Then I check Facebook,, and twitter. Then I read the various blogs I subscribe to. After bouncing from site to site, I skip back to my Word doc. Sadly, the book has not progressed while I've been elsewhere. The words still escape me, so it's back to checking my email once again.

Writer's block has become the bane of my existence. So, here's the question: C…

Okay. It's Finished.

The first draft of The Fifth Circle is now complete at 81,319 words. As mentioned in a previous blog, this is my first attempt at non-fantasy and quite possibly my last. The only thing I like about this book is the fact that it's finished. Really. Maybe I'll change my mind after edits, after I've given myself a chance to put some distance between me and the book which has consummed me over the past several days.

Over the past eighteen days, I've written over 40,000 words and I feel as if I just completed my own personal NaNoWriMo. For the past three weeks, I've barely tweeted, blogged, returned emails, tormented people on authonomy, or cleaned my house. After finishing the first draft last night, I feel like a new person.

Today I ran errands, cleaned the house, made a casserole...all the things I've tried to avoid doing while I pushed myself to finish The Fifth Circle.

With a great sense of relief and anticipation, I'm going back to writing fantasy. I can'…

A Journey Through the Fifth Circle of Hell

As Dante descended into Hell in The Divine Comedy, I have endeavored to do the same. I travel deeper and deeper into the concentric reaches of the Inferno, a journey into the depths of fear, apathy, denial, regret, and despair. My current manuscript—the only non-fantasy I’ve ever tried to write—has forced me to face every bad decision I’ve ever made as a parent…or as a human being. I’ve given a great deal of thought to the following issues: how I deal with relationships and why; how doing nothing is still making a choice; that apathy and wrath are mirror images of the same emotion; that anyone can have an epiphany, but the true test of character is how one uses that insight to make a change. Yes, my current manuscript is my own personal circle of Hell and I can’t wait to be done with the first draft so I can put some distance between us. Three months, six months…forever. I hate the book and it is only through sheer will that I’m coming close to finishing it. I’ve put myself on a strict…

10,000 Word Weekend

Forget NaNoWriMo. This is my own personal challenge: to write 10,000 words this weekend. Each day thereafter, I plan to dedicate at least 2000 words each day until The Fifth Circle is complete. I'm tired of lugging the heavy burden of four Works In Progress, therefore I've decided to finish the book with the largest word count. At a whopping 41,000 words just a couple of days ago, The Fifth Circle now weighs in a total of 51,000. <The crowd goes wild>

Once the first draft of The Fifth Circle is complete (which will be within the next couple of weeks if I stay on track), I plan to devote all my time to writing the final book in The Claiming Words series. I hope to have it completed by the end of the year, but that depends on how wordy and long-winded I get.

In other boring news...I started writing a new book the other day. I love it so much, I'm using it as an incentive to complete my other goals. If I finish my word count goal on my other books, I am rewarded by bein…

What's So Great About the Great Outdoors?

Nature. Just the word makes me shudder. There are bugs in nature. The ground is hard. The great outdoors isn't climate controlled and you have to deal with whatever weather Mother Nature hurls your way. And, sometimes after a day of hiking and carrying gear, you wake the next day to discover you've pulled muscles in places you didn't even know muscles existed. So, here's the question of the day...

What's so great about the great outdoors?

Or, how about this one: why do we go camping when we could just stay home? For the second time in three weeks, we packed sleeping bags, blankets, clothing, and food so we could leave our house and sleep on the ground. After picking up my youngest son from a Boy Scout encampment at one end of the county, we rushed home, packed up, and headed to the opposite end of the county to spend the night somewhere else. My son hasn't slept at home in two nights. While I admire his sense of adventure and his ability to fall asleep anywhere, …

On the Business of Writing and My Own Personal Hang-ups.

Writing is easy. Or, so I thought. A little over a year ago, I scratched out a novel with reckless abandon without any thought to punctuation or publication. When my masterpiece (or something like it) was complete, I was anxious to share it with the world, so I researched queries, submissions, and agents. I realized that writing for publication is a business. I am not a businesswoman. To distract myself from the ego-crushing process of editing and submissions, I cranked out another book or two. Submissions suck. It hurts to be rejected…or ignored. Writing a novel is a personal experience and a piece of myself went into every sentence I wrote, so sending out queries felt like mailing out my diary for strangers to read and review. Melodramatic? Yeah, maybe. Writing is easy. Finding an agent or publisher is hard. Throughout the harrowing submissions process, I led myself to believe that once I cleared that major hurdle, the rest would be easy breezy. Not so much. And, I’m not talking about …

Zombies on the Brain

There are two sides to every story. Why should the Zombie Apocalypse be any different? I’ve read the Zombie books—we all have. Each story stresses the importance of preparation. Each tale explores the worst case scenario, the cataclysmic zombie invasion, the end of civilization as we know it. What if the Zombie invasion isn’t quite as invasive as we’ve anticipated? What if Zombies descend upon us in a trickle instead of a stream?

Imagine a world where Zombies are a way of life, where infomercials promise us the latest in Zombie repellent, and flesh-eaters petition for equal rights. Zombies are people too. They are brothers, sons, husbands, and fathers. They are sisters, daughters, wives, and mothers. Accept them. Love them.

Zombie Rights are Human Rights
A Public Service Announcement

Do you have a friend or a loved-one who has fallen victim to the devastating Virus sweeping the nation? Every day, hundreds of people contract the Virus through no fault of their own, yet are subjected to dis…

Things I would do if I didn't have to go to work today...

Things I would do if I wasn't at work:

1. Wear my penguin pajama pants all day
2. Drink gallons of coffee
3. Clean my house
4. Write
5. Work on lesson plans
6. Work on Den Meeting plans
7. Thank God I wasn't at work

Things I do while I'm at work:

1. Pray for death
2. Drink gallons of coffee
3. Curse at my computer and printer
4. As much of my actual work as I can manage provided people will leave me alone
5. Stuff other people tell me to do
6. Stuff I don't care about
7. Wish I was at home

Inside the Box: My life in a cubicle

From eight until five, I'm stuck in a cube, crunching numbers and cursing at my printer.I'm not entirely sure I'm well-suited for office work, and I believe my suspicions were confirmed this week. My boss has decided to send me to a seminar which promises to help me complete tasks more efficiently, stay organized, and say no when other people try to impose their priorities on me. Time will tell…
Judging from the prices they charge, the seminar people make a killing off teaching poor, unfortunate office workers how to better slave away in the cubicles of America. But, seriously, how difficult can it be to throw together one of these seminars? I mean, anyone could do it, right? So, in an effort to share my valuable skills with others, I’ve come up with a list of prospective seminar topics:

The “How To” Series:
·F*** this S***: How to reduce your workload using temper tantrums and thinly veiled threats
·Rebel Hell: How to use Country music as psychological warfare
·Going Forward: …