An endless stretch of nothing as far as I can see Unchanging landscape Barren wasteland A lonely tumbleweed scrapes across the roadway its journey as aimless as my own No destination I tumble on

Too Many Newsletters

A year or two ago, I wrote an article called Five Easy Ways to Declutter your Email to help people (including myself) who struggle with an overwhelming inbox. Over the past week, I’ve revisited the advice laid out in this article because once again my email inbox has gotten out of control. It seems that every time I open my email, there are at least two dozen new messages for me to delete. Over the holidays, I did a lot of online shopping and consequently, I landed on a billion different mailing lists. I unsubscribed from all of those. I also got serious about kicking actual spam (mail from unsolicited sources) into the spam folder where it belongs. I was surprised to see that one of my biggest problems seems to be newsletters – specifically author newsletters. Over the years, I’ve subscribed to many newsletters. Dozens, I thought. Or maybe hundreds, if my out-of-control inbox is any indication. There are about a dozen of these newsletters that are from authors I dearly love, so I di…


RESISTANCE Evil creeps
from the abyss
where it hides in hovels
holes and caves
It surfaces from murky waters
stagnant swamps
Amidst the scum that lies
upon the surface Evil lurks
within the hearts of men
who stand on platforms
of hypocrisy and hatred
Lies flash behind
smiles that promise
but won’t deliver
and never planned to Evil calls
to those who claim
to have good intentions
They cling to tradition
and read from ancient books
deliberately misinterpreted
to excuse cruel
words and deeds Evil thrives
where there is fear
Dividing us against them
Pitting one against the other
Never revealing
the true enemy
It grows between the cracks
in the foundation of humanity Evils cowers
beneath the light
Lies shrivel under
the harsh rays of truth
Love triumphs when
we stand together
linking hands and hearts
in resistance

Lonely Shore

Lonely Shore I walk along the lonely shore
while seagulls soar
over the sea
away from me Cold ocean waves splash o’er my feet
With each heartbeat
I yearn for you
My love is true Saltwater tears course down my face
I’ll not replace
you in my heart
though we’re apart For your return I often pray
and on that day
I’ll walk no more
this lonely shore

Beautiful Curse

Happy Monday everyone! While Monday is usually not my favorite day, it is an opportunity to write Haiku as part of Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge. This week’s words are Beautiful & Curse. I had a lot of fun with these words and ended up writing three haiku to share: Beautiful Curse Haiku Beauty emerges
From beneath brown grass, dried leaves
Breaks cold winter’s curse * Beautiful trophy
Cursed to live with a monster
In a gold tower * Breathless with passion
Your love, a beautiful curse
I cannot escape *

Wonder Spy

Once again, I’ve fallen behind on my blog posts for National Poetry Writing Month. My computer has been beyond sluggish and the frustration of connecting to the internet is sometimes more than I can take. I did manage to beat my computer into submission long enough to participate in Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge. The prompt words this week are Wonder & Spy. Cat Spies Cat spies juicy bird through the window and wonders how she can escape *

NaPoWriMo Day Seven

It’s day seven of National Poetry Writing Month, and judging by the contents of this blog, it would appear that I am running behind. But, really, I’m not. I’ve written at least one poem every day this month, but I haven’t been posting them. I don’t feel that many of them are worthy. Compared with many of my writing friends who are absolutely brilliant poets, my stuff just isn’t very good. Plus, my poetry tends to be on the depressing side, and I hate to bring other people down with my dark and dreary thoughts. I guess I post my latest cinquain, but I’m warning you – it’s not very happy or inspiring. (I really should find a new hobby.) WAR Bloodshed
Begets bloodshed
Never-ending cycle
Of violence and war that leads to