How Amanda Hocking sold 1.5 million on Amazon: I’m revealing the secret!

Tricia Drammeh:

At last, someone has given us the secret to success. Warning: There’s no magic formula and it doesn’t happen overnight. But it can happen for you!

Originally posted on Leona's Blog of Shadows:

You might have heard of Amanda Hocking, the indie superstar who sold 1.5 million on Amazon and got picked up by a big house and signed a movie deal for her Trylle Trilogy.

This is the exact quote from her explaining how her sales exploded after the book bloggers spread the word:

Then in June, something truly magical happened. I discovered book bloggers. I had no idea such people existed. They just read books and write about them. And I don’t mean “just.” These people take times out of their busy lives to talk about books and have contests and connect with followers and writers and other readers.

These guys are honestly my heroes. I’m a little in love with all of them.

I asked several if they would be interested in reviewing my books, and most of them said yes, even if they didn’t generally review self-published work.

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HOW to get promotion for yourself and your book …

Tricia Drammeh:

Another great post full of fabulous advice. How can I not share this with all my authorly friends?

Originally posted on Books: Publishing, Reading, Writing:

Two days ago I wrote a blog post that proved to be the most popular, in terms of reach and reaction, of any I’ve ever written! Thanks to everyone who read, liked, shared, reblogged, followed my blog, and commented on it. I guess I hit a nerve with the topic of authors behaving badly and how to avoid becoming one. It seems this kind of behaviour is definitely prevalent and a problem on social media, because so many of you agreed with me and my guests who also offered quotes on experiences they’d had dealing with these self-centred authors.

I took a negative tact on that last post, because it’s a fun angle to come from with this kind of list, and I’ve had success with that approach in the past. It also allows me to write in a humorous and sarcastic voice – which I hope was the voice…

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More Gift Ideas – YA/NA/Fantasy Authors E.J. Wesley, Tricia Drammeh, DM Yates

Tricia Drammeh:

It’s a huge honor to be featured on DM Yates’ blog today. Please explore her blog. You’re sure to find the perfect book for you.

Originally posted on DM Yates Journalings:

With only 9 more days before Christmas, this is when we realize gifts we forgot to purchase. It’s the perfect time to order e-books. Delivery is a no hassle, assured thing.

Today, I showcase 3 more authors, all favorites of mine. The next blog post I’ll introduce you to romance novelists.

E.J. Wesley

E.J. writes in fantasy, young adult, and new adult genres. I’ve read two of his works and they were imaginative and an excellent read, and right now ‘Blood Fugue’ is only 99cents on Amazon amazon blood fugue.

He has a passion for developing the new adult genre – between young adult and adult literature. There’s a weekly #NALitChat on google + and although I’m far, far behind on so many things, when I can I do catch up on these. There’s so much great info for any author so I’d advise you to take a chance…

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How NOT to get promotion for yourself and your book …

Tricia Drammeh:

Want to increase the likelihood that bloggers will feature your book on their blog? Want more reviews? More support? Read Susan Toy’s latest post for some EXCELLENT advice.

Originally posted on Books: Publishing, Reading, Writing:

So, you’ve written and published a book. Congratulations! Good for you!

And welcome to the club … I have some sobering news, though. You are not the first, nor will you be the last, to write and publish a book – TODAY! So far this year, 2,396,061 books have been published, worldwide. How do you expect its possible for any one book to compete with numbers like that when searching for interested readers, not to mention buyers with money to spend? And how can any one author ever suppose their newly published book is better or more important than those other 2 million+ books, so much better that one author can expect readers, bloggers and reviewers to fall all over themselves in an attempt to help promote and publicize said book?

Many of these delusional, self-centred authors do exist, unfortunately … so many, in fact, that I feel the…

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Supporting Your Author Friend

Tricia Drammeh:

This is such a fantastic post! Friends of authors – please continue to support the writers in your life. Asking your friend about their writing or sharing a new release on Facebook means the world to us. Authors, remember to thank those who have supported you. Friends and supporters are pure gold.

Originally posted on Laura Best:

This post could have been written by my family and friends. It’s all about how to support your authorly friends out there, and since my friends and family have been awesome enough to support me through the publication of two books I wanted to let others in on their tips for supporting an author friend. (I bet most of them didn’t even know they had such tips!) Through the years my friends and family have come up with some ingenious ways to put the word about my books “out there.” I thought I would share these with everyone else out there who would like to know ways to support a certain author but are a bit uncertain about how to do that. Believe me there are plenty of ways, and my friends have done a super, stupendous job.

1. Buy the book-– A lot of my friends bought the…

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The Reader-Friendly Blog

Sometimes I stalk authors. If an author posts a particularly intriguing article on a blog, or if an author interacts with me on a social media platform, I might get curious about the author’s work. I want to find out more about their books. I might even want to buy one of their novels. If I’m already on an author’s blog, I expect to see their books either listed on the sidebar or on a separate page. If I don’t see their books listed on their blog, I’ll go to Amazon and search for the author’s name.

I’m pretty persistent. If I really want to find a book, I’ll find it.

Unfortunately, some readers aren’t that persistent. There are lots of demands on our time. It’s easy to get distracted. Kids demand our attention. Cats knock over a potted plant. The phone rings. By the time we return to our computer, we forget what we were looking for, and suddenly, that book we thought we’d check out might not seem so important.

Hundreds of books are published every day. If a reader can’t find yours, they won’t have any trouble finding something else to read. If you’ve been fortunate enough to attract a reader’s attention, don’t drive them away. Don’t make the reader have to search for fifteen minutes to find your books. They shouldn’t have to scroll down to the bottom of your blog or have to search through multiple posts in order to find information on your most recent publication. They shouldn’t have to leave your blog in order to find you on Amazon. Everything the reader is looking for should be right at their fingertips.

Your blog or website should be a one-stop-shop for all your books and social media links. In other words, your books should be accessible with a few clicks of the mouse. The fewer clicks, the better.

Things to consider when setting up your blog or website:

  • Font: Size matters. So does readability. I personally like something similar to 12 pt Times New Roman, but everyone has their preferences. Just be sure your readers don’t have to squint in order to read teeny-tiny print.
  • Links: Keep them short and streamlined. Don’t post paragraph-length links that clutter up your page. WordPress, Weebly, and Blogger have features you can use both in the sidebars and within your posts that create clean, easy-to-click links. Also, make sure you don’t have broken links that lead to nowhere.
  • Social media: If readers want to follow you on Facebook or Twitter, make it easy for them to find you. You can list your social media links on your sidebar, on a separate page, or you can even jazz things up by using download-able badges and logos. Some blog templates offer nifty buttons where readers can click to be connected to you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or other sites. How you choose to set this up is totally up to you, but keep it clean. If you have a ton of social media links, you might consider separating them into categories. Remember: Not all social media sites are created equal. Popular sites such as Facebook or Twitter should be displayed above a link to your profile page on an obscure site most readers have never heard of.
  • Pages & Sidebars: Pages are a great organizational tool, but not absolutely necessary. If you choose to have pages, keep them neat and organized. Too many pages can be overwhelming. If you have multiple pages, consider using a drop-down menu to organize pages into categories. Some platforms (Blogger) do not support drop-down menus. If you use too many pages on Blogger, things get wonky. (Trust me, I’ve been there.) Other platforms, such as WordPress, allow you to add multiple pages until you have an entire screen full of page after page after page. Moral of the story: Keep it neat and organized. If you choose to forgo the use of pages, you can keep essential information on the sidebar of your blog. Keep the important information as close to the top as possible and keep the clutter to a minimum.
  • Badges, blinkies & clutter-bunnies: Badges and blinkies can jazz up a blog or a website, but if you have too many things that flash and blink, you run the risk of giving your reader a seizure. If you must use blinkies, take a “less is more” approach. And if you use badges, don’t dump and run. Arrange your badges neatly in organized columns, or on your sidebar. Don’t let the clutter-bunnies chase your readers away.
  • Bio: Your author bio can be as long or short as you’d like. It can be listed on a separate page or placed in the sidebar. Just make sure your readers (or potential agents and publishers) know who you are and where to find you out in cyberspace.
  • Books: How can your readers buy your books if they can’t find them? You can create pages for your books, or you can list them in your sidebar. Whatever you choose, be sure to include links to at least one buying source.
  • Updates: If you have a static website, be sure to update it occasionally. When you publish a new book, add it. Don’t have a “Coming Soon” heading for a book you released six months ago.

Basically, there are a million ways to organize your blog or website. You can jazz it up or keep it simple. Have multiple pages, or a one-page, streamlined blog. Just remember your blog or site is for your readers, so make it as reader-friendly as possible. Have fun with your blog, put your personal stamp on it, and make it uniquely yours.

Strange Portals Anthology!

Tricia Drammeh:

I’m so excited to be a part of this anthology. So many fabulous stories! And best of all – it’s FREE!!!

Originally posted on Amaranthine by Joleene Naylor:

The Ink Slingers’ League Presents….

Just in time for a much needed holiday break, twenty-two stories about fairies, vampires, werewolves, zombies, and everything in between. Visit a witch’s body swap victims (Samantha’s Day), find what happens when a girl is buried alive (Buried Alive), learn the origin story of Harper (from Night Touched Chronicles) and Verchiel (from the Amaranthine series), and much, much more. So kick up your feet, relax, and indulge in a short story by a new favorite author.

Includes stories by AK Stein, Adan Ramie, B.G. Hope, Barbara G. Tarn, Bonnie Mutchler, CG Copolla, DM Yates, JK Rosaline, Joleene Naylor, Kay Kauffman, Maegan Provan, Rami Ungar, Roger Lawrence, Roxanna Mathews, Russ Towne, Terry Compton and Tricia Drammeh.

That’s right. The much awaited Verchiel story.  So what are you waiting for? Grab your FREE copy today and enjoy some great short stories by some talented authors!


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Readers Matter

We’re all busy, especially this time of the year. It seems we barely have enough time to pick up a book for a few minutes before we go to sleep each night, much less time to write a review once we’ve finished reading. Unless you’re an avid reader who is dedicated to keeping track of every book you’ve ever read, you probably don’t bother with reviews. Books gets hundreds of reviews, so yours doesn’t really matter, right?


Your review is essential. Unless an author is a famous best-seller, chances are their books could use a little love. A little attention. And YOUR review.

There are so many reasons why reviews are important. Reviews help other readers decide whether or not to purchase a book. They let an author know if they are resonating with readers, and what they’re doing right – or wrong. Reviews help a book get noticed. And they can give an author that necessary boost to keep them writing, or to remind them why they started writing in the first place.

Contrary to popular opinion, most authors aren’t rich. Most don’t make a living writing books. Most work day jobs and write at night. Some authors barely make any money at all. We write because we love it. On napkins. On scraps of paper during our breaks or lunch hours. During the quiet moments long after the rest of our family has gone to bed, after we’ve worked a full day, made dinner, and cleaned the house. We scrape together little snippets of time, feeling guilty all the while that we aren’t doing something more productive, like mopping the kitchen floor or folding that last load of towels.

Why do we do it if there is little or no monetary reward? Because we simply can’t imagine NOT writing. Though most of us hold out hope that one day we’ll be the next J.K. Rowling, we’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that writing isn’t going to rake in the big bucks. Writing might not be lucrative, but there are other rewards. A thoughtful review is one of them.

A good review can make an author’s whole day. We live for a few words of praise scattered here and there. We love to hear from readers, whether it’s a message on Facebook or a comment on our blogs. Most authors have websites with a Contact Me form or an email address, and we absolutely love it when readers connect with us.

If you loved a book, leave a review. Tell a friend. Spread the word. Authors are so appreciative of every reader. YOU make it worth our while to do what we love – write!

Publication Day!!!!!

Tricia Drammeh:

Congratulations, Sophie, on the re-publication of White Mountain.

This is an incredibly magical story I highly recommend. I’m thrilled to see it re-released with its gorgeous new cover.

Originally posted on Sophie E Tallis:

Lol, okay, I’m already late I know, but it’s taken me nearly a week to process what’s happened!

My epic fantasy, White Mountain, the first of my Darkling Chroniclestrilogy, was brilliantly published by Kristell Ink Publishing and Grimbold Books last week on 1st December 2014!!!!

To say I’m ecstatic would be a gross understatement, kind of like saying that George Lucas is only vaguely fond of science fiction!

My wonderful new publishers are a world, in fact, a galaxy far far away from what I had encountered previously and the level of dedication, hard work, expertise and passion with which they have approached the publishing of White Mountain, is more than I could ever have hoped for. From the attention to detail, the editing, the formatting, the layout, the beautiful calligraphy, not to mention the AWESOME original artwork commissioned for the AWESOME new cover!!! Wow! I’ve gone from hell to heaven in one…

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A Christmas fantasy reading list.

Tricia Drammeh:

Katrina Jack, author of The Silver Flute Trilogy, has just posted a video of her Christmas fantasy wish list. I’m honored to included alongside Kate, Jane Dougherty, and Sophie Tallis. I highly recommend anything written by these talented authors. Katrina Jack writes fast-paced, on-the-edge-of-your-seat urban fantasy. Jane pens thoughtful, beautifully written dystopian fantasy. And, Sophie is the author of enchanting classic fantasy which fans of LOTR will adore.

Load up your Kindle, grab a cup of hot cocoa, and indulge in a good fantasy novel.

Originally posted on KATE JACK'S BLOG:

christmas-wreath71 Land of Midnight Days UK Land of Midnight Days US Through the Gloaming Through the Gloaming US dawn horizon uk dawn horizon us

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