Beware the Experts

Experts. They’re everywhere. Self-publishing experts, social media experts, writing experts… the list goes on and on. How can you tell if someone is an expert in their field? Anyone can claim to be an expert. Not everyone who claims to be an expert is an expert. They lack credentials, experience, and sometimes integrity. They sell… More Beware the Experts

Free or not free

Originally posted on Jane Dougherty Writes:
Free or not free That is the question. Or one of the questions exercising authors at the moment. Most of the arguments conclude that authors should not be giving their work away because all work should have its just rewards, and an author who does give his or her…

Summer Updates

Happy Summer, everyone! I hope you’re all staying cool. We’re going through another heatwave here in New Hampshire. To be quite honest, I’m ready for autumn. I think I’ll have to wait awhile, though. This summer has been an odd combination of busy and lazy. Busy on the days when I can tolerate the heat,… More Summer Updates

What’s Your Excuse?

Even though I’ve had ample time to write today, I haven’t even opened Microsoft Word. It’s just too darned hot to write. It’s 90 degrees outside, and since we don’t have air conditioning, it’s well over 80 in the house. I can’t wait until later when it’s supposed to cool down and the rain comes… More What’s Your Excuse?